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5 thoughts on “Take a poll (1)

  1. mariam says:

    Dear Metis, I cannot register my vote,I tried different browsers but it didnot work.there is a problem.

  2. mariam says:

    sorry it was my problem.Polldaddy dont register votes with IP of Iran,I vote with another IP.

    situation of women of other faith in my country are not less important than muslim women for me.it is unfair that Islamic laws( it is better to say laws that our scholars say are Islamic) be inforced on non muslim women in Iran.I dont like current situation at all.

  3. susanne430 says:

    I voted for the top one with “all faiths” including “no faith.”

    Even though it may not directly affect me, I think the way religion looks at women is important because religion influences society and societies influence the world. And if Saudi Arabia is sitting on a panel about women’s issues who knows..their “Islamic” thoughts may, sure enough,influence me one day.

    It’s similar to people saying they should be able to vote in American elections because, although they are not Americans, our foreign policy often affects them!

  4. Zuhura says:

    To me, those capital letters are important. I voted, “Only Muslim women from all walks of life” but if the statement read “The status of women in islam,” I’d vote “muslim women …” which to me is the same as “women of all faiths.”

  5. Metis says:

    46% think women of all faiths! That is quite inspiring.

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