Topics of concern

As Muslim feminists, what are some of the topics that concern you? What do you write about/would like to write about?



5 thoughts on “Topics of concern

  1. wafa' says:

    All kinds of injustice especially towards women.
    I like to write /would write about topics that open people’s eyes to a wide range of view points, that the truth is not only theirs, but everyone has a fraction of the truth and to reach it we need to work together.
    I would love to write about what connect us more than disconnect us.

  2. Lat says:

    To add further,I would talk about female spirituality too.I believe spirituality can offer that vital link that can change minds and hearts towards a more fair treatment of our gender and of course mankind as a whole.

  3. Kawthar says:

    Discrimination against Muslim women that doesn’t simply focus on their gender, but touches on issues of class, race, orientation, etc.

  4. sana says:

    I am against discrimination, gender or racial or social. what bothers more is muslim men and some muslim women exploiting others in the name of religion or culture and honour.
    It happens everywhere and every day of life, even in the minor instances by ‘educated’ people.
    Esp. the “holier than thou” attitude held by many muslims, is the root of many injustices.

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