List of topics/issues related to Islam and gender that interest Muslim feminists

This list consists of topics suggested by Muslim feminists on Facebook.

  • Hijab
  • Prayer restrictions (again dress code, but also the topic of female-led prayers, menstruation)
  • Access to mosques
  • Interfaith relationships
  • Pre-marital sex
  • Ending #allmalepanels at Muslim events
  • Having women scholars recognized and promoted as religious authority figures on all Islamic topics, not just “women’s issues”
  • Moving the conversation about “status of women in Islam” beyond wives and mothers
  • Encouraging more women to study their faith extensively
  • More female scholars and writers, particularly of tafsir and hadith
  • Medical-based sex education
  • LGBTQ activism and inclusion
  • Role of a woman in her family as provider
  • Muslim women’s careers
  • How Sharia affects Muslim women