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“In real engagement with another person, you cannot fully foresee what will happen. At the same time, risk must be matched by trust. To expose yourself to the analysis and challenge of another person requires trust. Dialogue depends on trust that the other person is also caring, is secure enough in his or her view to allow for differences, and is open to learning new dimensions of his or her orientation that may be evoked in dialogue” ~ F.J. Streng

I don’t really need to put up this page because in the four months that this blog has been alive, I have only praise for the commenters and readers. I have been told by other people that we have the most intelligent and well-behaved women and men comment on this blog who know that differences in opinion is healthy and also necessary and so they enjoy it.

Please continue the tradition. I only had to delete one Islamophobic comment and hope that I will never have to hit the delete button again.

Thank you for the mutual trust.

PS: Those who comment on this blog understand that their comments may be used in my research with due credit given to them.

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